Liber MMM and the Novice

Applications in writing to:

Novice Guide

The minimum requirements for admission are 6 months unbroken recorded work on Liber MMM (see reading list below) and if geographically possible some work with an IOT group or Temple. During this six-month period, you are referred to as a Novice and you have a Mentor, a contact within the IOT who supports you in your work. The work programme you are required to do for a minimum of six months includes:

  • Banishing Rituals: master a couple of these - e.g. Gnostic Pentagram & IAO.
  • Dreamwork: keep a record of your dreams and suggest interpretations.
  • Metamorphosis: self-transforming magic deliberately undertaken.
  • Asana: sitting still, practice this on its own then within other work.
  • Pranayama: breath control - practice this on its own and in asana, as part of motionless-no-thought exercise, 30 minutes minimum daily.
  • Sigils, Mantras: learn how to create and use these.
  • Divination: develop and record divination skills - e.g. Tarot spreads, etc.
  • Any spells, rituals, or talismans done: keep a record of how & why you did these.
  • Image Concentration: visualisation of images in the mind's eye to gain trance.
  • Object Concentration: staring at objects, e.g. wall, clouds, in order to gain trance.
  • Sound Concentration: repetition of mantras or meaningless phrases to assist trance.

All Liber MMM work is to be recorded in a diary with your own comments and self-assessment. You may choose to keep your MMM diary separate from your more personal records. A suggested diary layout would include:


It is suggested that the first time you do new work - e.g. a Banishing Rite - you write it up fully- thereafter shorter comments can be used e.g. 'Gnostic pentagram becoming more fluent now'.



The following forms an incomplete reading list:

Peter J Carroll

  • Liber Null and Psychonaut. This is the original manual of the IOT. It contains Liber MMM, which is the training schedule for entry into the IOT. ISBN 0-87728-639-6. Pub. Samuel Weiser.
  • Liber Kaos. This book contains Liber Pactionis, the description of the Pact of the IOT. ISBN 0-87728-742-2. Pub. Samuel Weiser.
  • The Apophenion - wide-ranging consequences of chaos magick theory. From

Ramsey Dukes - any of his brilliant meditations on magick, including:

  • SSOTBME - one of the earliest keys to the chaos current. ISBN 1-903548-00-4.
  • What I Did In My Holidays - essays. ISBN 1-869928-520. From
  • Uncle Ramsay's Little Book of Demons. ISBN 1-904658-09-1. From

Dave Lee - Chaotopia! - Chaos magick and higher consciousness. ISBN 1869928-881.

Alan Chapman - Advanced Magick For Beginners - new ideas in the chaos current. ISBN 078-1-904658-41-2. From


Mentor and Novice

Please note: we do not chase Novices up; we are only interested in highly motivated people. It is up to you to stay in regular contact with your Mentor. If we do not hear from you for a while, we assume that you are not currently interested in being a Novice. This does not mean that the door is closed, but it is up to you to make the effort to get back in touch if you do wish to continue.